Give It All

Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God,”.  Heb 1:6


It is important for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that there are tremendous blessings for those who ‘give it all’.

Elects who ‘give it all’ will experience transformation of life, discover a dynamic spiritual life and constantly taste victories in life’s battle. 

In Eze 47:1-12, the passage shows us on how to step into a current of the anointing that is going to accelerate our progress in the spiritual dimension.  Ezekiel had to take steps to move into deeper waters.  The river in the passage speaks of progression.  This river went from ankle deep, to knee deep, to waist deep and eventually to a river that Ezekiel could not cross over and where he had to swim in.

Ankle Deep

Elects who stop at the ankle deep in their spiritual progress will not be able to see anything that God had bestowed upon them.  This keeps many elects from making real spiritual progress.  Ankle deep is a place in which  elects refuse to grow up, become responsible and dependable.  Elects ought to determine themselves to go deeper if they want more.  Fear or uncertainty of the unknown could cause the elects to remain stagnant.  God has invested too much in the elects to let us quit or drown.  Elects should not allow the devil to impede their deeper growth in the knowledge of the Gospel Truth.  The ankles speak of an end to the old but not really anything new happening yet.  In other words, saved but still wrestling with sinful desires.  Saved but constantly feeling like not too sanctified in the unrenewed mind.  Saved but still self-centered.  Ankle deep denotes one who is barely in the water, self- conscious and having unresolved issues in life.  In the water but still seeking things  that feed the old nature.  Ankle deep elects are always stirring up, murmuring, complaining, envious and unappreciative because they just muddy up the waters everywhere they go.

Knee Deep

Elects who are progressing to the knee deep begins to shift from self to Jesus, no longer worshipping the desires of the flesh.  The knee speaks of worship, prayer and humility.  It portrays an attitude seeking to please God.  The deeper we  go in the river, the less flesh we see.  The deeper we go in the river, the less control we have.  The deeper we go in the river, the stronger the influence of the rivers current becomes.  The deeper we go in the river, the farther we get from the shore.  The deeper we get in the river, the less pull and influence the things of this world will have upon the elects.  The life of God for the elects begins in worship, prayer and humility.  The knee deep suggests that such a lifestyle is maintained through worship, prayer and humility.  There is no progress in God without a life of worship, prayer and humility.  We will never be greater than our worship, prayer and a life of humility.

Waist Deep

Elects who are progressing to waist deep water will experience a greater revelation knowledge and intimacy with the Lord.  The waist (the loins) speaks of the reproductive powers.  It speaks to the fact that as elects we should go beyond being barely saved (ankle) to a lifestyle of worship, prayer and humility  (knee) and move on to a life of reproducing ourselves.  In other words, Jesus reproduced Himself in 12 disciples, we also are to reproduce the Christ life that is in us, in others.  I fully believe that every elect at NCCkl should progress to the point they are mentoring others in the faith.  Notice Ezekiel was being led into this progressive revelation and experience of the Spirit of God on his own choice.  Ezekiel had to take the steps to move into deeper waters by giving it all.  This river originates from under the altar.  The river symbolizes the life of the spirit of the elects.  Notice in the passage, the man with the line in his hand went forth and measured again.  The line is the teaching and the preaching of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  Elects will never progress spiritually beyond their knowledge in the Gospel Word.  Prayer and worship is great but knowledge must lead us to the next step in order to give it all unto the Lord.  If elects want to go deeper with God, they must go deeper in the Gospel Word.  It is the responsibility of the shepherd to stretch and expand the spiritual mind.  Elects spiritual progress will largely be determined by their ability and willingness to give it all and grasp the Gospel Truth.  After Ezekiel had reached the swimming waters in the passage, after he came to the place that was not crossable,  so deep, he was brought back to the bank where there were many trees.  Once elects have reached a place where to give it all, there may be more than what they want.  In fact, elects have reached a place in which God can use them.  Elects become qualified to show others the way out.  Who was it that led Ezekiel out?  We may be tempted to say an angel but the passage says it was a man.

At NCCkl, we are elects who want everything God has for us by giving it all to walk deeper in the river according to the flow of the Holy Spirit.

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