The Mark Of An Elect

“Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went home. And in his upper room, with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his custom since early days..”  Dan 6:10


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that consistency is an essential mark of an elect.  In this message, the person of interest is Daniel, the  OT prophet.  When studying Daniel’s life, we can find the consistency in everything he did.  Spiritual consistency is defined as holding together, firm or coherent.  When I think of consistency, I think about words like practice, continuing, perseverance, determination and faithfulness.

Daniel is known in the Scripture to be one who was obedient, faithful, diligent, dependable, endowed with a good spirit, a man of prayer and a man who was a diplomat.  Our text shows what Daniel did when crisis came.

Consistency is an earmark of an elect. 

There are three things I want as elects in NCCkl to consider about the subject of consistency.

  1. Elect Need To Accept Absoluteness For Consistency

Consider the world’s insatiable appetite for consistency.  How important consistency is for athletes, employers, employees, military personnel and doctors to meet their expectation.  Consider the Bible’s admonition for consistency.  2 Pet 3:18; 1 Tim 4:12-16; 2 Tim 4:18; Acts 14:22 & Acts 18:11.  Elects ought to see how the  world demands  consistency  and  how the Bible declares that we as elects should be consistent and continue in our divine call. The plain fact of the matter is that like Daniel, we are consistent in the things that we think is important.  For example, if we think it is important to read the Word, then we will consistently read it, etc.

  1. Elect Need To Know The Necessity For Consistency

It is an undeniable fact that life or death can depend upon one being consistent.  Consistency could be the very trait that enables us to make it through our dark valley.  It certainly drove Daniel to his knees when crisis came.  Daniel benefited tremendously from his previous consistent walk.  Consistency itself can be a friend that encourages us to press on and stay true to our commitments.

  1. Elect Need To Develop An Appetite For Consistency

Looking into the life of Daniel, a sanctified, God honoring walk with our Heavenly Father does not come about by chance, luck, good intention or osmosis.  In fact, it does come about by an appetite that has been cultivated over a period of time.  Elects must acquire a standard, a disciplined mind set and a consecrated desire for consistency.  The appetite should not be feasting on a self promoting and pharisaical motive.  No, the elects at NCCkl should aspire to consistently possess right motives in all they do for God’s glory.  This attitude ought to be maintained at all times to fulfill our walk and service unto God.


Dear friends, as elects, can we characterize our life as consistent?  Our prayer time, bible time, giving, witnessing, godly attitude, walk etc.

Keys To Unlocking Consistent Character

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”  Heb 10:23


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that spiritual consistency is a magnificent outcome of a well-developed spiritual life.  Neglected spirituality naturally tends to stagnancy, then gradually falls into spiritual deterioration.  Spiritual nourishment and right association are very essential to every elect.

Obedience to the Gospel Word of God’s Righteousness is a great door to spiritual consistency.  Faith animates our Christian service but fear and love of God maintains our spiritual consistency. 

God loves people who walk with him consistently.  Spiritual derailment and seasonal spirituality are very visible these days in the lives of many professing elects.  Every elect must be awakened and not be weakened.

This sermon has been weighing heavy on my heart.  Before I begin, I have to make a disclaimer.  I am not even close to perfect but am trying to identify places in my life where I can demonstrate consistent character and pursue a life of integrity.  If we can work to eradicate inconsistency in our lives, we open up more room for God to use our lives in influential ways.  Here are some practical steps that I am seeking to practice in my life to unlocking consistent character.

  1. Identify Aspects Of Behavior That Require Change

In Ps 139:23-24, David willingly ask God to show him areas of life that need polishing.  As elects,  do we do this enough?  God knows us intimately, therefore we should not be afraid of being transparent with Him.    God desires for us to be whole and healed.   Elects at NCCkl  have  to  decide  what  they  ought to change in their behavior to align themselves closely to what they believe. Be brutally honest with God with yourselves. 2 Cor 7:1

  1. Face The Obstacles That Causes Us To Make Excuses

Elects ought to face the obstacles that causes them to make excuses or justify their lack of change.  Kick this nasty habit.  It has become second nature for us to lie to ourselves in order to justify actions that bring hindrances to our spiritual consistency.  We were created for more than that.  It may be confusing to think that consistency comes about because of change, as these concepts seem contradicting to each other but it is true.  These are obstacles in our way that can be removed by faith as small as a mustard seed.  Mt 17:20   Removing obstacles and justification is the way of saying, ‘God, I trust You…..I have faith that You can guide me to escape temptations that I face and help me to choose holiness this moment.’   Holiness is a by product of integrity and consistent character.

  1. Take Your Thoughts Captive

Elects ought to take their thoughts captive and bring it to the obedience to Christ.  The keys to unlocking consistent character is  found in 2 Cor 10:5.  Honestly, this is one of my favorite and least favorite Scripture.  It can be exhausting, initially, to practice paying attention to every single thought that comes into our minds.  It is much like learning a language ….it takes a lot of time and effort at first and then it becomes internalized and habitual.  We need  to work to be conscious everyday of the decisions we make, however big or small and how close they bring us to being the person we really want to become.  Captivating our thoughts and taking responsibility over what we do with them is the key that will get us out of any tempting situations that arises.

  1. To Be Persistent

Elects ought to nurture a life of spiritual persistence to attain spiritual consistency.  Don’t give up trying.  This circles back to my intro.  It will be easy for me to stop trying to pursue righteousness, holiness, integrity and consistency because I mess up sometimes.  It is possible that I might think, ‘well, I have already messed up so badly, so I might as well just keep doing it…..this is just who I am.’  Be really careful to allow your mind to believe this statement even a minute.  This doesn’t just apply to ‘big sins or negative behavior, it can be laziness, worry, anger, fear or distraction…..whatever it is, it is not worth getting off the road of consistency.  God wants to use our persistence to teach others!

Be diligent to enter God’s rest

“Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience..”  Heb 4:11


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that unbelief keeps the people of God from entering into the Promised Land and the rest God had promised.  Heb 3:19   Elects can draw reference from this  verse that unbelief poses constant and dangerous temptation to one’s faith.  As such, persevering in faith to the end becomes an indispensable act for all elects at NCCkl.

Entering the rest of God is an alternative expression for entering the Kingdom of God.  Elects are to strive diligently to enter into the rest of God.  God’s Word is clear that entering the rest of God is neither something guaranteed nor something that happens automatically,  once and for all, when one first believes.  In contrast, it is something we need to give due diligence till the end.  Mt 13:1-23; 1 Cor 9:24-27

In spite of the fact that Jesus paid it all for us through His baptism, death and resurrection, some elects continue to struggle in their faith.  If that is your situation today, I implore you to stop trying and start believing.   How to enter God’s rest?

Heb 4:12-16 depicts that the Christian life is not one of striving to earn favor rather a life entered into God’s promise and lived out by faith in the Righteousness of God.

  1. Take Heed To The Word Of God   vs 12-13

The Bible is the written Word of God that reveals to us the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ.  Vs 12-13 is a classic passage on the power of the written Word of God.  These two verses reveal  several  characteristics  regarding the written Word of God.  It is noteworthy to recognize that the Word of God is living, powerful, cutting and revealing.  Elects  must be founded in the Word of God to avoid unbelief seeping into their faith.

  1. Hold Fast To The Son OF God vs 14-15

This simply means that the elects must hold fast to the confession of faith in the person and in the works of Jesus Christ.  ‘Hold fast’ means to seize, to grasp with power, hold on and don’t let go.  In these verses, we discover that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God, our Savior.  He is also our High Priest.  The High Priest in the Old Testament entered into the Holy of Holies once a year to make atonement for the people of God.  Jesus has entered into the heavens into the very presence of the Father, as our High Priest.  Note that Scripture declares Jesus Christ as a faithful High Priest, a sympathetic High Priest and a victorious High Priest.  Elects must consider Jesus Christ as their Apostle and the High Priest at all times to avoid unbelief in their faith.

  1. Come Boldly To The Throne Of God vs 16

In the Old Testament only the High Priest could enter into the Holy of Holies once a year.  After Jesus’ baptism and death, the veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom signifying that the way to God’s Presence was open for everyone who believes in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  In Christ, elects are invited to come boldly to the Throne of grace.  This verse is an open invitation to prayer.  Elects have the glorious privilege of approaching the very Throne of God.  Prayer is our hotline to Heaven, to God Himself.  Elects are admonished to come boldly to the Throne of grace in time of need.  As we approach the Throne by faith in the Righteousness of God, we will find God’s mercy, grace and promises.  Mt 11:28-30  Elects must recognize the open heaven available to them by faith in order to avoid unbelief particularly in times of trouble.

Why due diligence is important to God?

“And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”  Heb 6:11-12


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know why due diligence is important to God.  The Bible has a lot to say about diligence.  What is it?  What should we be diligent about and  what does God promise for those who are diligent?

In Heb 6:11-12, Paul was addressing converted elects by the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.

Christianity consists of three things – knowledge, experience and practice. 

These three things the elects whom Paul was addressing evidently possessed. They were acquainted with the principles of faith in the Righteousness of God and had tasted the heavenly gift.  Let us explore the diligence expected of them:

  1. Due Diligence Is Important For Knowledge In Realizing And Enjoying The Heavenly Blessings

Paul begins chapter 6 by admonishing the elects, “let us go on unto perfection.”  In fact, such a spiritual perfection or maturity was also expected by Christ.  I conceive this implies that the elects  ought to comprehend all the blessings  of God and to have a perfect knowledge of Christian doctrines so that we would no longer be tossed around by every form of teachings.  It also implies a perfect possession of all Christian graces that would enable the elects to have full assurance of hope in Christ.  More so, elects ought to advance steadily toward spiritual maturity that would lead us to perform Christian duties effectively for the glory of God.  Furthermore, it implies the entire dedication of the elects to God, doing all to the glory of God and looking for the glorious appearance of Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

  1. Due Diligence Is Important In Order To Attain The Blessed State Of Christian Experience And Practice

Here we shall have to  answer a query.  If this be Christianity, how is it that we see so little of it in the world?  The answer is here :  “that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”   These blessings of which I have been talking  about  are   not   given   to   idlers.    Spiritual   sluggishness  is incompatible with Christianity.  Christianity is exhibited by the elects who endure relentless spiritual warfare by exerting all their spiritual prowess.  What kind of diligence then is expected of elects?

  1. that you do show the same diligence” as they have shown in the commencement.  Elects ought to continue using the same diligence when they were first awakened from spiritual deadness.  The same amount of zeal, energy, sincerity, loveliness and the excellence of faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness must be displayed.
  2. Elects are to use the same diligence, diligence proportioned to the end of our spiritual journey. We profess to be Christians, what, then, is the object proposed to us by the profession of Christianity?  Surely it is more than a name.  Certainly it is eternal life – it is to save deathless, immortal souls!
  3. Diligence is to be proportioned, not only to the blessings to be obtained but to the evil to be avoided. The evil to be avoided here is the everlasting loss of the soul, the punishment which awaits disobedience to God throughout eternity.
  4. There must be diligence, again, proportioned to the time allotted to us. How long have you and I to live?  How long will probation continue?
  5. There must be diligence, again, proportionate to that which our enemies are using in seeking our distraction. Are we ignorant of Satan’s devices?  Does Satan ever slumber?  Are not his temptations, as well as his emissaries, countless?
  6. There must be diligence, again, proportionate to the means that God gives us for this important end. God has given grace to elects and a measure of the Spirit is given to elects to profit.  We have the influence of the Holy Spirit to draw near to God and to receive continual strength of grace.
  7. There must be diligence proportioned to our daily mercies. Our whole life is one continued mercy.  Our salvation is a mercy.  Then ought we not to be diligent in the services of God, seeing that the mercies of God are so inexhaustible?
  8. There must be diligence proportioned to the price paid for our redemption. We are not redeemed with silver and gold or corruptible things but we are bought with a price.  Ought we not, considering how valuable we are in the sight of God, considering at what we have been entrusted by our Savior Who saved us – to use diligence proportionate, that we rob not God?
  9. There must be diligence, finally, in proportion to the relation in which we stand before God Who is our Father and our God. In proportion to the accountability which we must render up to Him in that awful and dreadful day to which we are hastening.

Pathway To Excellence

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life”.  Proverbs 4:23


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that we are not home yet!  While elects want to be delivered from this world, they need to remember that we are living in a world that is under a curse.  As a result of that curse, there is a lot of groaning and turmoil taking place.  In the midst of all that, it is easy to become discouraged and laidback than to be diligent.

However in Romans 8:18-27, Paul teaches the elect that the pathway to excellence is one of diligence.

The word diligence means ‘to be characterized by steady, earnest and energetic activity.’ 

It is the opposite of mediocrity.  Paul shares with us three arenas of life where there is diligence in the midst of a devastated world to attain pathway to excellence in Christ.

1. The Creation Groans vs 19-22

The word ‘groan’ means to sigh.  It has the idea of one groaning under a burden.  This is the image used to describe creation.

a. Creation’s experience vs 20 – creation came under curse not by its own doing but because of the sin of Adam.  Gen 3:17-19   Adam chose to walk in rebellion to the command of God and all of creation was thrown under a curse.

b. Creation’s expression vs 22 – it depicts as sighing or writhing like a woman in the throes of childbirth. The results of that curse are plain to be seen such as earthquakes, thorns, deadly animals, poisonous snakes, death and violence.

c. Creation’s expectation vs 19-22  –  it tells us that creation itself expects  to  be delivered from the curse that has been placed upon it.  Creation  yearns  for that  time when  it  will  in fact be delivered from ravages of the curse of sin.

2. The Christian Groans vs 23-25

These verses describes how elects are groaning to be free from their sinful bodies.  Rom 7:24   Elects long to be remade into the image of the Savior.  This is the heart of every born again saints of God.

a. The Christian agony – along with creation, the elect groans to be free from this mortal and sinful body.  Paul mentions the ‘first fruit of the Spirit.’  This refers to  the indwelling ministry of the Spirit of God in the elect’s life.  When elects got saved, the Spirit moved into our spirit.  1 Cor 12:13; Rom 8:9    The Holy Spirit produces within the elect  a  sense  of longing.  Elects  want to be delivered from the sinful mortal bodies. Regardless of what anyone tells us, our flesh did not get saved!  It is depraved and wicked as it had ever been.  Rom 7:18-25.

b. The Christians anticipation –  Paul tells us that we are saved by ‘hope.’   What does he mean?  Hope in the Bible has a vastly different meaning than it does in our world today.  When Bible use the word ‘hope’  it means an assurance based on a conviction.  Instead of hope being a fond wish or desire, biblical hope is a deep settled knowledge grounded in the promises of God.  We are saved by faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness  that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  It is the only faith that one day our Lord will come for us and take us home.  1 Cor 15:49-55

3. The Comforter Groans vs 26-27

These verses go on to tell us that it isn’t the creation and the Christians who are groaning in this present world.  Our Heavenly Comforter, the blessed Holy Spirit, also groans with us.  We are glad to have One with us Who is able to experience our needs,  Heb 4:15

a. The Comforter sustains vs 26a   –  this verse teaches us that the Holy Spirit comes alongside of us as we travel through this harsh world and ‘takes hold of our burden.’  What burden?    The burden of living in the weak, sinful and morally defiled bodies!  The Holy Spirit knows our tendency toward evil and He helps us.  The Holy Spirit knows that we are prone to wander and He helps us.  The Holy Spirit knows that we often grow weary in wellbeing and He helps us.  It is only through the ministry of the Holy Spirit working in us to help us that we are even able to do anything that could be called good.  We are weak in the flesh but the Holy Spirit strengthens us so that we are able by His help to carry on for the glory of God.

b. The Comforter speaks – to illustrate his point, Paul appeals to the arena of prayer.  It is because of our sins and our propensity for evil, we are not able to pray in a manner that is absolutely consistent with the perfect will of God.  However, the Holy Spirit, Who is God, knows the will of God and He knows what is in our redeemed spirit.  He takes our prayers which are often flawed and misguided and straightens them out and tells the Father what is really in our hearts.


Whoever said the walk of faith was an easy walk lied.  However, I will say that even though it isn’t always easy, it is never impossible.  We have the Spirit of God within us Who leads us to the pathway of excellence if we remain diligent and committed.

Fervent in spirit

Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord”.  Mat 25:23


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to maintain a diligent spirit towards God and His Kingdom in our everyday lives.  Evidently, the spirit of diligence is at work in NCCkl.  Even though God is a doer of these things, the spirit of diligence brings them to manifestation.

A diligent spirit is a spiritual virtue and a key ingredient required for success in our spiritual lives. 

It showcases persistence, determination, consistency and earnestness to complete a task in Christ.  Diligence is the platform for excellence.  The reward of diligence is creativity, promotions, order and establishment. Elects must be spiritually diligent in their lives and be conscientious about growing spiritually. Listed are several aspects of diligence that elects can pursue :

  1. A Diligent Spirit Aspires To Glorify God

The word ‘diligent’ is a biblical word that is used to express the need for fervency to show great care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties in spiritual matters.  Let me interject at the outset that all elects at NCCkl are striving to hear the Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  In order to hear the words ‘well done’ elects have to do it with a fervent spirit.  ‘Well done’ is a task or undertaking carried out successfully or satisfactorily.  Josh 11:15   One of the many complaints Jesus had with the Pharisees was the fact that they were not diligent about spiritual matters.  Lk 11:42   It is important to know that God does not overlook what we don’t do   by  what is  done  or accomplished in our lives.  A diligent spirit will not settle for something half done!  When it comes to our service to the Lord, we cannot do it half way! Hos 7:8    Half done is worthless to God.  There is a danger of fulfilling spiritual services with the worldly spirit.  Israel worshipped and served idols and they also worshipped and served Jehovah.  Elects cannot mix worldly approach with services to the Lord. Like oil and water, they are meant to be separated.

  1. A Diligent Spirit Leaves No Room For Anything Less

When an elect has a diligent spirit, it completely fills his life to the place that isn’t any room for complacency, apathy, slothfulness and worldliness.  Spiritual complacency depicts an attitude that accepts failure easily, self satisfied and unconcerned for betterment.  Spiritual apathy displays an absence of emotion or enthusiasm and lack of interest or drive for spiritual matters.  Spiritual slothfulness shows laziness and lack of desire for spiritual endeavors.  Spiritual worldliness expresses concern with worldly affairs to the neglect of spiritual needs.

  1. A Diligent Spirit Produces Godly Qualities

Elects who are diligent are constant in their efforts to accomplish something for the Lord.  They are attentive and persistent in whatever they do.  Exo 15:26   Elects with fervent spirit are diligent in hearing the voice of God and always do what is right in God’s sight.  A lack of diligence will cause the elects to lose that which we have received through the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  However, a spirit of diligence can cause the elects to find what they have lost in the past.  Lk 15:8   God rewards our diligence in seeking the Kingdom of God.  Heb 11:6  Elects possessing a diligent spirit would constantly watch one another to ensure none falls back from and fails to secure God’s Righteousness and grace.  Elects practicing diligence would not allow root of bitterness in their hearts.  Heb 12:15  A diligent spirit cause the elects to make necessary preparations by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to usher the soon coming Lord of Glory.  2 Pet 3:14

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.”  1 Cor 1:9


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that God is the model for faithfulness.  The faithfulness of God is deeply rooted and is an integral part of Who He is.  When elects know God’s track record of faithfulness, they would want to respond with trust and obedience.

The OT word for faithfulness is related to the word for truth.  They both come from the same root which means ‘firmness’ or ‘stability.’

Faithfulness actually grows out of truth. 

It is an interesting note to know how often faithfulness and truth are used together in Scriptures. Isa 25:1; Rev 19:11   Scripture extols God’s faithfulness.  God has spoken in truth and His Word is sure, every generation can count on what God has said.  No wonder Jeremiah exclaimed with joy  “Great is thy faithfulness”  Lam 3:23    Several specific applications of God’s faithfulness are made in the NT.

  1. God Is Faithful In Assuring Our Salvation

The spiritual lives of the Corinthian Christians in this text are left much to be desired but Paul commends them for “awaiting eagerly for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who shall also confirm to the end, blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Cor 1:7-9    Paul is confident that the Lord Himself will make them steadfast and preserve them from falling away.  That confidence does not rest in the strength or ability of the Corinthians but in the faithfulness of God.  If God promised eternal life to those who place their faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness, then God will deliver what He promised.  God will never allow them to perish.  What a satisfying assurance for those who are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

2. God Is Faithful In Providing For Our Victory

God wants us to enjoy victory over sin, death, Satan, flesh, world and triumph through trials but He has not left us on our own to achieve it.  He offers us help.  1 Cor 10:13   God promises to protect us from more than we can bear and to provide with every temptation or testing a way of escape.   God’s faithfulness guarantees it!  God has given us His Spirit  to  live in us and help us.  God  has  equipped  us  with  His  Word  which  sets  Satan  on  his heels.  God is continually available for communication through prayer.  When we step out by faith to obey Him, God meets us there with His strength.  These are resources which He has faithfully provided and when we use them we enjoy His victory.

  1. God Is Faithful In Forgiving Our Sins

Unfortunately, most of us only use God’s resources for victory intermittently and as a result we sin.  However, God’s faithfulness reaches us even then,  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  1 John 1:9    We can enjoy blessing when we acknowledge our sins to God as a righteous child who have been completely cleansed from all our sins through the baptism, death and resurrection of Christ.  God forgives us on the basis of two aspects of His character.  One of it is His righteous or just character.  He has already punished His Son on our behalf through His baptism and death, so justice has been served and God now has no reason to withhold forgiveness to those who believe in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  The second is His faithfulness.  Jer 31:34    Though our sins seem so horrible that God could never be expected to forgive them, God says He will and is always faithful to His Word. Confess your sins to God as a righteous and sinless child, then take God at His Word. Believe that God has forgiven us and cleansed us from all unrighteousness through Christ Who is our perfect sacrifice.

  1. God Is Faithful In Sustaining Us Through Suffering

One of the times, we are most tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness is when suffering strikes our lives.  It often makes no sense to us and we see no reason for it.  We may search our lives and although we find some sins which we have previously overlooked, we still cannot believe we deserve what God has allowed to happen to us.  We begin to think that God has forgotten us or really does not care about us.  Isa 49:14-16    God allows us to suffer at times but He could never forget us in our suffering because He is faithful.  He does not forget us.  He really does care.  How can we appropriate this great doctrine of God’s faithfulness and enjoy calmness and contentment when hard times come?  The only way is to do what Peter suggested,  “therefore, let those also who suffer according to the will of God entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right.”  1 Pet 4:19   As the Creator, God has the power to carry out His perfect plan for our lives and to accomplish His perfect purposes through our suffering.  As the faithful Creator, God can be counted on to do it.  Therefore, we can consciously entrust ourselves to His care with complete confidence and hand the safekeeping of our lives over to Him, believing that He will do what is best.  When we do that,  we will have peace in the midst of adversity.

Faithfulness To The Faith

“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me..”  Luke 9:23


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that we stand today one generation from extinction.  It is vitally important to pass along our faith in the Righteousness of God to the next generation at NCCkl.  Of course, I am not talking about nuclear annihilation or natural calamities but rather about the preservation of the purity of the Gospel Word.  Mt 10:28

We are one generation from becoming religious in form without faith in the righteousness of God.  We are one generation from piousness without true faith.  We are one generation from being a congregation without Christ.  Unless the next generation picks up the challenge to be the body of Jesus Christ, proclaiming this powerful Gospel that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, NCCkl will be irrelevant, impotent and a Sunday morning spiritual scrap heap!  There is urgency today for faithfulness to the faith.  Let us examine Neh 13:23-31 to identify some of the shortfall of faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel Truth.

  1. Worldly Culture

In too many so called ‘churches’, worldly culture has replaced true Christianity.  Worldly culture that take the edge off our loyalty to the King of kings.  When worldly culture replaces Christianity, we lift high the banner of political correctness, moral relativism and multi culturalism.  In the name of that current most sacred cow called ‘tolerance’ we may allow the fact that ‘anything goes.’  Sadly, when ‘anything goes’ infects the church, what is ‘going’ is the church – straight into oblivion, irrelevance and total uselessness in the Kingdom of God.  Saddest of all is that many in the church may not recognize the signs and even some who do see may not really care.  That lack of vision or care can be seen in today’s Christianity.  It is a shortfall of faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel Truth of God’s Righteousness.  What I have just stated is an updated view of God’s people we read about in Nehemiah’s world.  Despite revival and renewal the elects then constantly refused to abandon their sinful ways.  It is called spiritual adultery and it is nothing new.  We make a vow to God to love Him, serve Him and to be faithful to the faith in the Righteousness of God and then we slip right back into the same old mold.  2 Pet 2:20-22   Strong words from Apostle Peter indeed but a warning we must not ignore!  Nehemiah dealt with spiritual adultery from the opening to closing days of his ministry.  Anytime an elect violates his faithfulness to God and God’s call on his life by making a choice against God’s will, he is in a state of spiritual adultery, he is following Satan and not the Lord Jesus Christ.  In other days we called it ‘backsliding.’

  1. Worldly Influence

Specifically, we have seen in our study of Nehemiah the partnership of God’s people with heathens.  The  influence  of  pagan  culture  on  what should have been godly homes was devastating.  It crippled the concept of worship in homes throughout the land.  Nehemiah knew it and we should as well, that you cannot mix faith with unbelief and think you will come away with anything pleasing to God.  Never for any reason partner with an unbeliever or fruitless deeds of darkness, that is if you intend to have any seriousness about your walk with God.  Emotions will begin to cloud your judgment, overriding your common sense and in some ways your life will suffer ruin.  Wise Solomon couldn’t get away with it and neither are you likely to.  When Nehemiah found out about the spiritual adultery through mixing faith and unbelief, he sent a startling wake up call.  We at NCCkl cannot look the other way on these issues.  None of us are perfect but there are some things we can control.  If not, we pay the consequences spiritually and sometimes physically without fail.

  1. Worldly values

Loss of spiritual vitality doesn’t happen suddenly.  It is more like a slow leak in your tire that lets the air out gradually.  A loss of faithfulness to the faith can happen when we compromise our Christian values.  Faithfulness to the faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness is our calling – everyone of us at NCCkl.  Nehemiah is most remembered for building the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the city.  However, if we look carefully, his whole aim wasn’t a monument of walls or building but an uncompromising worship of Almighty God of Israel.

Nehemiah wanted to be known for his faithfulness to the faith.  Nehemiah measured everything on  how God and His Word were being honored. 

a. Purify Neh 13:30

To purify means that elects are going to examine your life and pull out the things that don’t belong to God.  Look for those things that tend to pull you away from God in your worship and service.  Look for the things that interfere with your quiet time or personal devotion.  Look for the things that have crept in to rob you of your joy and those things that weaken your witness for God.

b. Provide Neh 13:31

Nehemiah made sure to provide for the continuing of worship.  It is one thing to purify – get rid of those things that pollute your relationship with the Lord, it is just as important to take positive steps to keep your worship of God vital. That means being ready to daily give God  control of your life. Do you pray?  Do you read your bible?  Do you tithe?  Do you share your faith? Can God have whatever you have?

Steadfast Faithfulness

weekly INSIGHT

Steadfast Faithfulness

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Tim 1:7


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to recognize that fear is the chief enemy of steadfast faithfulness.  It is the great immobilizer.  It has frozen many elects at NCCkl in their tracks and kept them from accomplishing all they were created to do in God’s Kingdom.  Fear has long been the enemy of faith in the Righteousness of God and derails those who desire to be steadfast and faithful.

In 2 Tim 1:1-7, Paul reveals to us through the life of Timothy on how he had worked hard at developing Timothy to assume the responsibilities of advancing the Gospel Truth.   Timothy, however, by personality is not one we would normally deem fit for the task.  Shy and retiring, timid and fearful, Timothy seem from human perspective to be an unlikely candidate.  However, God does not see things as man sees them.  Man look at the external appearance, God looks at the heart.  God sees us not based upon  what we can do but based upon  what He can do through us. Notice 4 things in our text that would enable us to fulfill the mandate God has given for 2019 ‘Send Me.’

  1. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Reassuring One Another vs 3-4

The nature of this passage is intensely personal.  Paul loved Timothy as a son and writes to him as a father will write to a son.  While he is painfully honest, notice that before he calls upon Timothy to rekindle the flame within him and abandon his fear,  he begins with words of reassurance, words that encourage and strengthen.  Elects need word of reassurance.  Elects need someone who will love them enough to encourage them.  In vs 3-4, Paul says five things that speak on reassurance.

a. Gratitude – I am thankful for you v3
It is always encouraging to know that someone can appreciate what God has done through you and is thankful to God for you.

b. Faithfulness – I am praying for you v3
Paul was quick to let Timothy know that he was making intercession on his behalf.  One of the most encouraging thing elects can ever experience is to know someone loves them enough to remember them in prayer.

c. Fellowship – I want to spend time with you v4
Time and distance had in no way diminished the strength of their fellowship.  Even as Paul wanted to strengthen Timothy, he too needed to be reassured and strengthened through fellowship.

d. Empathy – I know what you are going through v4
The difficulties Timothy had experienced in ministry has led to tears. Anyonewho has spent time in ministry understands that sometimes the going gets tough.  Sometimes the stress and strain, the disappointment and difficulties lead us to tears.  It is encouraging to realize that others understand what we are going through and can empathize with us.

e. Blessing – You are a blessing to me v4
Paul saw Timothy as one of the blessings God has given him.  It is always encouraging to know that we have been a blessing to others.  Paul wanted Timothy to know that as he counted his blessings, Timothy was among them.

  1. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Remembering What Jesus Has Done In Our Lives v5

It is easier to be faithful to God when we remember His faithfulness to us.  As people, we have a tremendous capacity to forget.  We forget what others have done for us.  We forget what God has done for us.  Paul points Timothy back to the things he had done in his life that demonstrates God’s hand on him and His ministry.  Notice two things namely, Paul emphasizes on Timothy’s genuine faith in the Gospel Word and the godly family Timothy came from.  We overcome fear by remembering what Jesus has done in our lives.

  1. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Rekindling The Gifts God Has Given Us v6

Doubts and fears have a tendency to cause elects to let the flame of passion, the fire for action to burn low in their lives.  Paul tells Timothy that if he is going to assume the responsibility for which God has ordained him, he must keep the fire of passion alive in his heart.  Allow me to suggest four things that I believe will continuously add fuel to your fire and keep it burning within you.  Be strong in your walk, be spiritual in your worship, study the Word and be focused in your kingdom work.

  1. Elects Overcome Fear And Remain Faithful By Relying On God’s Strength v7

Of all the things of which we need reminding, perhaps the most important is to know that we are not alone.  We had been given the Spirit of God and His Spirit is not one of fear but of power, of love and of sound judgment.  The strength of man will always leave us fearful.  If we can do something without supernatural strength, it is probably not of God.  What is not of faith is not of God.  God does not call us to do things that we can accomplish without Him.  In fact, Jesus tells us that without Him we can do nothing.  Timothy was fearful because the flames within him had burned low.  The faith within him was weak.

Instead of giving in to fear, which is inconsistent with the very nature of the Spirit of God, we are told that we have been possessed by His Spirit, one of power, of love and of sound judgment.

Faithfulness Is Better Than Life

But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”  Acts 20:24


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that faithfulness is better than life.

Elects should count faithfulness to the calling of Christ as better than the comforts of life and as better than staying alive. 

In Acts 20:22-25, Paul talks about his future.  What Paul chooses to say is a powerful inspiration for the elects at NCCkl.  I would like to answer two questions using these verses as the basis for the answers.  What does it mean that faithfulness is better than life?  Why is faithfulness better than life?

1. What Does It Mean That Faithfulness Is Better Than Life?

a. Elects are bound by the Spirit to the will of God.   vs 22a

Faithfulness is better than life means being bound by the Holy Spirit to the will of God.  Paul is a man under strong conviction and constraint, his spirit is held captive by the Spirit of God to do the will of God.  Our spirit is gripped and driven by the Holy  Spirit.   God’s Spirit has a hold of us.  The will of God is our passion.

b. Elects are content not to know tomorrow in detail.  vs 22b

Faithfulness is better than life means that elect are content not to know in detail what tomorrow will bring.  This is tremendously freeing.  If one is a pessimist, one probably dream of a dozen things a day that may go wrong tomorrow that will make one miserable.  This text means that what God requires of us tomorrow is not that we have to make things work.  Success in human ventures is not the measure of God on our lives.  What God requires of us tomorrow is that we are to be faithful to Him and let the chips fall where He wills.  That is very freeing.

c. Elects are not to forsake Christ in affliction. vs 23

Faithfulness is better than life means elects are not to forsake Christ when faithfulness means affliction.  If we can honestly say with Paul that ‘faithfulness is better than life’  it will mean not only that we can be content with ignorance about tomorrow but we can also be content with the assurance that tomorrow is going to hurt.  This is remarkable.  The Holy Spirit tells Paul that in every city trials and afflictions awaits him.  Why Paul says this?  It is to teach the elects that it doesn’t matter to him, he is going forward anyway.  Elects at NCCkl should do too.  The question is not whether there will be hardship, pain, trouble or affliction, there will be!  Paul said to all the churches in Acts 14:22, “through many tribulations we must enter the Kingdom.”   The question is whether we believe that faithfulness is better than life. 2 Tim 3:12

2.. Why Is Faithfulness Better Than Life?

a. Elects finishing the race vs 24

Faithfulness is better than life because faithfulness means finishing the race and the one who finishes will get the crown.  In other words, faithfulness is better than life because beyond this short life there is a great life of joy that stretches out forever out into eternity.  Those who are faithful here will enter that life and get a crown of righteousness.  Mat 24:13; 2 Cor 4:17; Mt 19:29; John 12:25; Mt 7:13-14   Why is faithfulness better than life?  It is because faithfulness means finishing the race and finishing the race means  without dropping out from weariness or frustration or pleasant detours.

b. God is gracious and God is King  vs 24-25

The answer is found in 2 phrases, one at the end of vs 24 and one near the end of vs 25.  The first phrase is ‘the gospel of the grace of God.’  The ministry Paul wants to be faithful to is the one he received from the Lord Jesus. This is to testify to the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection, which demonstrates the pure grace of God towards man’s salvation.  The second phrase is ‘preaching the Kingdom’ in vs 25.  Paul sums up the contents of his life work with these two phrases.  First testifying to the Gospel of God’s Righteousness and second preaching the Kingdom of God.  Paul lived to make known God’s grace and God’s Kingdom.  Here is the answer to our question, the foundation of Paul’s life and his hope was that God is gracious and that God is King.  That is the basis of our confidence that faithfulness is better than life.  If God is King, then God can reward the faithful and nothing can stop Him in His kingly power.

In conclusion, the message that faithfulness is better than life stands firm today – as firm and sure of the sovereignty and grace of God in Jesus Christ. I urge the elects at NCCkl to let God’s Word and not the words of the world determine what they feel is better in their lives.

Lifestyle Of Radical Obedience

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that God is shaking everything that can be shaken.  Heb 12:26-29  That which is true and righteous will remain.  God is awakening the elects out of complacency and challenging them to a lifestyle of radical obedience.

What do I mean by lifestyle of radical obedience?  Lifestyle of radical obedience involves listening attentively with a heart of compliant submission and then obeying God’s Word.

Lifestyle of radical obedience means maintaining an intimate connection with God so much so that it prompts us to respond to His beckoning voice. 

My intention today is to lay out why the elects at NCCkl should live a life that is characterized by radical obedience.  Listed below are some benefits :

  1. Strong Relationship With God

Lifestyle of radical obedience creates a deeper relationship with God by having faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. Our prompt obedience to God’s Word releases revelation knowledge that causes us to experience God on a higher level.

  1. Success In Our Endeavors

Lifestyle of radical obedience promotes perpetual success.  In Joshua 1:8, God promised success and prosperity for those who obey His words.  God told Joshua that his success was dependent on his obedience to God. It is no different for us elects.  We can expect God to bless our endeavors when we are willing to be obedient to Him.

  1. Rest For Our Soul

Lifestyle of radical obedience provides rest.  In Mt 11:28, Jesus promised rest for those who are weary and burdened if they obey His word and learn from Him.  We are made to rest and we can only find rest when we are rested in Jesus, Who is the Lord of Sabbath.

  1. Heaven Is Priceless

Lifestyle of radical obedience promises everlasting life in Heaven.  Heaven is literally priceless and because of that, it is our motivation for radical obedience.  Since we are going to Heaven,  the  elects ought to act like it.  Elects are God’s people right now, not just in the by-and by-.  When Jesus contrasted His work with the devil in John 10:10, He said, “the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.”   Heaven is life and life to the full.  If you are an elect, you will never be as fully alive as the moment you die.  In that moment, you will awaken to the very fullness of life in a place called Heaven.

  1. Conduit For Miracles

Lifestyle of radical obedience position the elects to experience supernatural moves of God.  This can vary from giving someone a vital word of knowledge or even to pray and expect a miracle to occur.

  1. Develops The ‘Yes’ Habit

Lifestyle of radical obedience allows the elect to be on the look out for what God is trying to do in the moment and get in alignment with that.  The ‘yes’ habit crushes the voice of doubt and creates a greater sensitivity to discerning the voice of God.

  1. Courageous Boldness

Lifestyle of radical obedience enables the elect to step out by faith on something God ask us to do even though we were afraid  at first.  Over time the spirit becomes stronger and confident in God and less intimidated by the fear of man.  The Holy Spirit will endow elects with power and a fierce boldness that will leave others astonished.

  1. Adventurous Faith

Lifestyle of radical obedience will cause the elect’s faith not to stay at the same level.  It will have no other choice other than to stretch in order to fit the task that God is asking of us.  It allows God to grow our faith and teach us to trust His promptings.

  1. Joyful Obedience

Lifestyle of radical obedience produces joy in knowing that we are in communication with the Father.  Joy and gladness come to us when we continually acknowledge His Presence.  Faithfulness in this way brings perpetual blessings to the elects who will in turn bless others.

In conclusion, everyone benefits from lifestyle of radical obedience to God whether it be directly or indirectly.

God Delights In Obedience

……..“Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…….” 1 Sam 15:22


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that obedience leads to righteousness.  Obedience is the chief end of all true believers.  Sacrifice without obedience is futile and useless.  Obedience to the Lord is a big deal in the elect’s life.  In fact, obedience gives evidence of being an elect.  A profession of faith in Christ without a life of progressive obedience is simply a false profession.

However,  don’t be discouraged in your struggles with obedience.  Nor lament over your many failings in your obedience.  If you have a desire to obey and are purposefully seeking to obey the Lord, that is really a good sign of a new life in Christ.  Perfect obedience is for another world.  Sincere and growing obedience is for this world.  Let us explore 3 things about true obedience that delights God’s heart.

  1. True Obedience Is Salvation

Faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness and true obedience simply always go together.  We cannot have one without the other because obedience is the final analysis of what salvation is all about.  A person who is not converted truly by the baptism, death and resurrection of Christ cannot obey God.  A carnal heart cannot obey God because it cannot subject to the law of God.  This is the reason a person who has not believed by faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness cannot be obedient in the true sense of the word.  Obey is what people who have attained salvation by faith in Jesus’ baptism and death that desire to do.  Obedience is the objective test as to whether a person has truly received salvation and have been sealed with the indwelling Holy Spirit.  Jesus said, putting it in plain English, “if you love Me, you will keep My words.”  In other place He says that “a tree is known by its fruits

  1. True Obedience Is Not An Act but An Attitude

God does not measure obedience like we do.  We look at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.  For this reason, we need to understand that obedience is first and foremost something that comes from the heart.  Obedience is an attitude. I say that because a person can appear to be obedient on the outside and actually be hating every minute of it.  God has not only forgiven our sins but in a miraculous way have given us an attitude that actually wants to obey.  The whole plan of salvation has as its primary purpose to create in us a new heart that is, a new attitude which says, “I delight to do Your will, O my God, You have written Your will in my heart.”   A person who does not have an attitude of obedience will tend to play what we might call ‘obedient games.’  That is, he will be obedient in some things and disobedient in others.  True obedience is non-discriminatory. It is an ongoing attitude that operates all the time.  When we talk about what it means to be ‘true to God’  or ‘faithful to God’  what are we talking about anyway?  Think about it.  How can a person ever be true to God  or faithful to God unless he is obedient to what God requires.  The first characteristics of true obedience is that it is an attitude that God puts in our hearts when we believe in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.

  1. True Obedience Can Never Come From Fear, Guilt Or Duty

True obedience is an attitude that a person has who is truly born again of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  A person who truly loves God would never obey Him for fear of the consequences.  The Scripture says, “Perfect love casts out fear”  1 John 4:18  A person who tries to obey God because they are afraid has not learned nor are they enjoying the blessing of obedience.  A person who is seeking to obey God because they would feel guilty if they didn’t, does not enjoy the blessing of obedience either.  A person who is trying to obey God in every area because they feel it is their duty to do so is not enjoying the blessing of obedience as well.  A person who lives under grace obeys for that very reason.  True obedience is heart deep.  However, the obedience that comes from fear, guilt or duty is false obedience and is only skin deep.

In conclusion, let me interject at this point a comforting thought and that is, temptation is not disobedience.  Our flesh and the devil will continually to call us to pride, impurity and unloveliness.  We will come to realize that there is in all of us a carnal nature which delights in disobedience.  We need to continually confess our faith in the Righteousness of God and know that we have died to this part of us.  Those whose hearts are obedient will still be tempted to disobey.

Obedience is just as much a gift of God as is forgiveness  in salvation.

After God’s Heart

Jesus answered and said to him, If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words …………” John 14:23-24


What a joy!  It is truly my pleasure once again interact with you through “Insight.”   May the Lord bring into fruition the theme “Send Me” in all our lives.

It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know the key to God’s heart.  What do you think is the key to God’s heart?  Is it humility, perseverance or faith?  Although these attributes play a vital role in the elect’s life, today’s passage reveals to us the key to God’s heart.  John 14:23-24 tells us the best way to express our love, honor and reverence for God is through obedience.  Let me share with you 3 points.

  1. Obedience Is Not Optional For Elects

Jesus Christ simply states the fact :  “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”  Jesus is not giving here an optional obedience.  Take note, “if you love me, then obey what I command you.”  He is saying that the man who truly loves him will obey His commandments.  To the elect there is no option.  He loves Jesus, therefore, he obeys Jesus’ commands.  It means we follow them and treasure them.  In 1 John 2:3-4 we read, “we know that we have come to know Him if we obey His commands.”  The man who says, “I know Him but does not do what He commands is a liar and the truth is not in him.”  God’s elect have a specific responsibility.  Jesus is asking elects, just as He asked the apostles, to keep His words.  Ps 119:111

  1. Obedience Brings Blessing

Note the words, “my Father will love him and we will come and make our home with him.”  What a blessing to be loved by God the Father.  What a blessing for both the Father and Jesus to come and abide in the elect in the person of the Holy Spirit.  All three live and dwell within the elect.  When we obey God, the love of God  will  enrich  us  greatly,  as  there is no such thing as obeying Him and not being blessed.  Blessing follows obedience.  Our obedience to God allows Him to demonstrate His awesome power in our lives.  Our obedience also allows God to bless others through us.  Does this mean that we should obey God for the sake of blessings?  No it does not.  Instead, we should please God and obey Him because of Who He is.  We should honor Him and reverence Him as God the Father, the creator of all things.  Therefore, the greatest reward we can attain is His love and favor.  This is a blessing to those who obey the Word of God.

  1. Obedience Is Tied In Knowing God And Loving Him

In 1 John 2:5 we read, “but if anyone obeys His word, God’s love is truly made complete in Him.  This is how we know we are in Him.”  The obedient man obeys God’s word, knows God and loves God.  Jesus Christ came to earth to reveal God and to show us how to enter into God through the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.

Therefore, to know God, we must obey the mother of all obedience and that is to believe the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. 

We must obey the Gospel Word to attain salvation for our souls.  To those who disobey this Gospel Word  will be destroyed.  No amount of so called ‘obedience’ besides this can save one’s soul.  God’s elect must abide in Christ by faith in the Gospel truth.  The more we obey Him, the more we learn about Him and love Him.  Take note the word ‘obeys’  is a continuous action.  It means to continue believing and not to stop.  It is a day to day obedience.  The obedient person is the one who knows and loves God.

To conclude this message, let me share with you on what we must do to learn obedience.

1. Learn to wait upon the Lord in prayer.  Isa 40:31

2. Develop a habit of reading God’s Word.  Ps 119:47

3. Realize that to obey God often means head on collision with human reasoning and world system.  Prov 1:7

4. Realize that sometimes God will allow us to walk in the dark so that we will learn to trust Him.  James 1:2-3

5. Expect some inner struggles.  Rom 7:15

6. Learn that there is no substitute for obedience.  Deut 11:26-28

7. Be teachable.  James 4:6


“For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”  Gal 3:27


It is important for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know what it means to be in union with Christ.  In fact, the subject is so frequently mentioned in Scriptures and so wide ranging in its application to the elects.  Listed below are several things the elect should know about union with Christ.

The Bible contains an astonishingly number of terms, expressions and images that bear witness to the reality of our union with Christ.  In the NT we find literally hundreds of references to the elect union with Christ.  To sight merely a few examples, elect are created in Christ  Eph 2:10, crucified with Christ Gal 2:20, buried with Christ Col 2:12, baptized into Christ’s death Rom 6:3, united with Christ’s resurrection Rom 6:5, seated with Christ Eph 2:6, Christ in us 2 Cor 13:5 and many more. Suffice it to say, union with Christ is an absolutely fundamental gospel conviction of the Apostles – dear to them because it was so dear to their Lord.

When we are joined to Jesus, we are included in the greatest mystery of the universe, the incarnation of God.  The redemption, restoration, regeneration and reconciliation of sinners depends entirely on the union with Christ.  By the Holy Spirit the elects are united to Christ to enjoy fellowship with the Father forever.  This is eternal life.  John 17:3

Our union with Christ is profoundly real and intensely intimate.  Union with Christ is not a sentiment, metaphor or a doctrine.  Nor is it a way of speaking about justification, sanctification, glorification or any other benefit of Christ.

Our union with the living Christ  is the essential truth of our new and eternal existence. 

In a way  that gloriously transcends our finite understanding, elects are really and truly joined – spiritually and bodily to the baptized, crucified and resurrected Christ.  There is no better good news than this.

It is because union with Christ is so central to the Gospel of God’s Righteousness, it has resonated in the teaching and preaching of the church throughout the ages.  Our union with Christ is to be accorded the highest degree of importance .  Why?  It is because being joined to Jesus is the whole point of the Gospel Truth of salvation.  For this is the design of the Gospel, that Christ may become ours and that we may be ingrafted into His body.

Justification is a magnificent benefit of being united with Christ.  Elects are not united with Christ because we have been justified.  It is quite the other way round.  Elects are justified because we have been united with Christ, Who is Himself our justification  1 Cor 1:30.  Elects receive Christ’s benefits precisely and only because we have been baptized, died and resurrected with Christ.  Christ lives in us and whatever grace, righteousness, life, peace and salvation there is in us is all Christ’s, nevertheless it is ours as well by the cementing and attachment through faith by which we became as one body in the Spirit.

Sanctification is a magnificent benefit of being united with Christ.  Christ is our justification and He is no less our sanctification.  Thus, united to Him, elect is not only forgiven and accounted righteous but also transformed into His holy image.  In giving Himself, Christ will no more leave us condemned and guilty (unjustified) than He will leave us corrupted and depraved (unsanctified).  This is because Christ cannot be divided into pieces.  Jesus is not a partial Saviour of a piecemeal Gospel.  When elect is joined to Christ, we receive all of Who He is for us.

Baptism is God’s pledge to us of our union with Christ.  In the witness of baptism, God impresses upon our bodies the truth and reality of our incorporation into the death, burial and resurrection of the living Christ.  When John the Baptist laid his hands and passed all the sins of humanity upon Jesus at the River Jordan, we too have been laid upon Jesus with our sin, guilt and penalty.  Faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness enables us to be spiritually baptized into Christ  to experience the good news that we have been crucified in Christ’s death and raised to new life in Christ’s resurrection.  Baptism is a mystery of our crucified and resurrected identity in Christ Jesus.


“11 Now it happened ………. 19 And He said to him, “Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well.” Lk 17:11-19


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to recognize that mankind is made whole through and by Jesus only.  What do you think when you hear the word ‘wholeness’?  ‘Wholeness or wellness’ teaching is a big concept in our day, especially in the context of New Age thinking.

Through Jesus Christ, God has called elects to a life of wholeness.

The basic meaning of ‘wholeness’ is biblically defined as an idea of completeness, well being, spiritual prosperity and harmony. 

It depicts a relationship that God establishes and intends for God’s elect  with Himself, others and nature.  It involves a total harmony of spirit, soul and  body.

At times, God allows difficulties in the life of God’s elect to cause them to turn to Him.  God is always there to meet felt needs for healing, deliverance and success.  However, God desires beyond their felt needs that their greater need for wholeness be met.  This story in Luke 17:11-19 traces the path from felt need to wholeness.

Coming To Jesus  vs 11-13

Jesus travelled to Jerusalem by passing through Samaria and Galilee.  He came to the lost sheep of Israel and also ministered to those outside the covenant.  Dire need for healing caused the lepers to come to Jesus.  In like manner, our felt needs brings us to Jesus.  They had heard the Gospel Word that Jesus heals.  The lepers called in a loud voice, they were serious about their needs.  Leprosy implies sin in the Bible.  It cause one to be separated from God.  It makes one unclean.  One have nothing good in themselves to approach God.  One must plead for God’s mercy to meet the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that has the power to set one free.

Cleansing From Jesus  vs 14

Jesus saw them even though they were far off.  God sees us even when we are far away from Him. Jesus did not say that they will be healed but rather instructed them to go to the priest.  Obedience leads to miracle.  Obedience to the faith in the righteousness of God is a must.  Perhaps they would have wanted evidence for healing  but  they  went  and  were  healed.  Naaman the Syrian, in 2 Kings 5 did not like Elisha’s command to dip seven times in the Jordan River but in obeying, he was healed.  Obedience to go and distribute 5 loaves and 2 fishes to the many and asking the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam were rewarded  with miracles.

Clinging To Jesus  vs 15-16

Only one showed gratitude.  He came back praising God in a loud voice.  He was a Samaritan, despised by the Jews.  A gentle warning to elects at NCCkl, familiarity breeds contempt.  We need to learn to show gratitude for the Gospel Truth at all times. Only one  leper fell at Jesus’ feet.  In fact, revelation knowledge of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness leads us to humility and to recognize our unworthiness.  Falling at Jesus’ feet leads to resurrection miracle.  Miracle of Jairus  Mk 5:22,  Mary  John 11:32

Completeness From Jesus  vs 17-19

Jesus three questions :

1. Were not 10 cleansed?  Jesus know exactly whom He had touched.  We are accountable for our blessings.  Jesus healing record is 10 on 10.

2. Where are the other 9?  Jesus does not want any to perish.  He is seeking out for every soul.

3. Were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?  God’s elect need to live as aliens and strangers in this world.  1 Pet 2:11

Jesus declared to him, “your faith has made you well”  The Greek word for ‘well or wholeness’ is ‘sozo implying being saved more than just being cleansed.  Faith evidenced in thanking God and falling at Jesus’ feet.  10 cured of physical disease but only 1 cured of both physical and spiritual disease.  10 had felt needs met, only 1 had real need met.  10 got what they wanted, only 1 got what God wanted. 10 got healed, only 1 was made whole.

Completeness In Christ

“The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth…….. Its length, breadth, and height are equal. Rev 21:16


It is essential for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know that if life itself is to be complete, it must be three dimensional.  Many centuries ago, there was a man by the name of John who found himself in prison out on a lonely island called Patmos.   While John was out on this island, he lifted his vision to high heaven and saw, descending out of heaven, a new heaven and a new earth.  Then John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem……..Rev 21:1-2.

One of the greatest glories of this new city of God that John saw was its completeness.  It was complete in all three of its dimensions. 

In Rev 21:16, John says, “. the length and the breadth and the height are equal.”  In other words, this new city of God, is not an unbalanced entity but is complete on all sides.  I think John is saying something here in all the symbolism of this text.  He is saying that life as it should be and life at its best as life that is complete on all sides.  There are three dimensions of any complete life to which we can fitly give the words of this text: length, breadth and height.  Now the length of life used here is the inward concern for one’s own welfare. The breadth of life used here is the outward concern for the welfare of others.  The height of life is the upward reach for God.  Now, God’s elect got to have all three of these to have a complete life in Christ.

  1. Length Of Life – inward concern for one’s own welfare

It is that inward concern that causes us to push forward, to achieve one’s own goals and ambitions.  This is the dimension of life where God’s elect ought to develop their inner supernatural powers in Christ.  The length of life means that God’s elect must love themselves as God does.  Many have gone through life with deep and haunting emotional conflicts before being born again in the water and Spirit.  God’s elect must accept themselves as how God had wonderfully made them,.  Unfortunately, many are still busy trying to be somebody else.  God gave all of us something significant, a unique personality.  We must pray for God to help us accept ourselves in whatever station of life we are in.  The principle of self acceptance is a basic principle in life.  God’s elect ought to discover what we are called to do.  Once we discover it, we should set out to do it with all of the strength and power in Christ.  Now, we must get beyond the first dimension of life.

  1. Breadth Of Life – outward concern for the welfare of others

It is necessary to add breadth to length.  God’s elect has not begin to live for Christ until  they can rise above the narrow confines of their own individual concerns to the broader concerns of souls that are spiritually dying. This is what God is looking in God’s elect today.  God’s elect who will ask themselves, ‘what will happen to lost souls if we don’t preach the Gospel of God’s Righteousness?’  This is how God judges His elects in the final analysis.  There will be a day, the question won’t be, ‘how many awards, how popular, how many degrees, how beautiful is your house, how much money you have?’  On that day, the question will be, ‘as elect what did you do to save souls from their eternal damnation?’  What did you do for others?  This is the breadth for life.  Somewhere along the way, God’s elect must learn that  there is nothing greater than to do something for others.  God’s elect should endeavor to be a witness and fulfil their highest calling.  We know there are God’s elect who master the length and breadth of life but they stop right there.  Now if life is to be complete, we must move beyond our self,  others  and reach out to God.

  1. Height Of Life – upward reach for God

God’s elect has a tendency to neglect this dimension of life.  The interesting thing is that many of them neglect it and don’t even know they are neglecting it.  God’s elect deprive themselves from cultivating a healthy communion with God because they become so involved in other things.  They end up going days and days without recognizing God’s presence in them.  God’s elect need to reach out to God at all times.  We were made for God and we will be restless until we find rest in Him.  God is most happy when we are satisfied in Him. Our constant faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness has the power to overcome the world and our adversary.

I Am Complete

“and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power…”  Col 2:10


It is imperative for God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know they are complete in Christ.  When God’s elect look at themselves, what do they see?  Do they see someone who is imperfect and lacking in many areas or someone who is whole and complete in Christ?  Unfortunately, there are elects who see themselves as incomplete.  This is because they are conscious of their lack and  imperfections.  They see their weaknesses and condemn themselves and feel inferior to others.

The good news is that God does not see the way man sees.  Man sees the flesh, God sees the spirit.  God sees us already complete in Christ.  In spite of our imperfections, God sees us as new creations, partakers of His divine nature.  God wants us to see ourselves the way He sees us.  God’s elect at NCCkl ought to realize that they are not going to be complete in Christ some day, they are already complete in Christ.  What remains for us to do is to walk daily  by faith in that completeness by believing and confessing the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.

Jesus is our complete forgiveness, complete righteousness, complete favour and complete protection. 

God is concerned about our spiritual completeness.  Jer 10:23  Elect are complete in Him.  Col 2:10  Let us examine some very basic factors needed to walk in completeness.

  1. One Must Be In Christ In Order To Be Complete

God is the Source of our fullness.  Salvation is in none other.  Peace with God is in Christ.  We must be saved by grace through faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  By putting off sin, we must come  into  a  saved  relationship  with  Christ.  We are  not to be mere Christian sinners but confessing righteous children of God.  Every spiritual blessing is in Christ because every other religious belief is futile, every other ‘knowledge’ is impotent, every creed is superfluous and every other church that fails to preach the Gospel of God’s Righteousness cannot attain the completeness in Christ.

  1. Preaching The Gospel of God’s Righteousness equips us to be complete in Christ.

The Gospel of God’s Righteousness warns every man of sin and death. It establishes a true believer in the Word of righteousness and exposes the counterfeit gospels.  This beautiful Gospel Truth prevents us from falling away.  The constant preaching of the Gospel Word causes the true believer to be filled with all wisdom and knowledge that are treasured up in Christ.  Listening and submitting to the Gospel Word causes us to become complete and mature in Christ.  The knowledge of truth frees us from sin and directs our lives in Christ.  Abiding in the Gospel Truth causes us to grow spiritually and enable us to teach others to walk the way of truth.

  1. Only God’s Elect Are Able To Become Complete In Christ

God’s elect are complete in God’s Church as One body.  The perfect law of liberty in Christ is able to guide us to be filled with knowledge of God’s will and purposes.  We are completed by a New Covenant and filled up with hope of inheritance in Christ.  Heb 7:18-19  We are filled with God’s love which is inseparable in Christ.  More so, God’s elect have received full of God’s forgiveness and are filled up with God’s grace and mercy.  We are now sealed with the indwelling Holy Spirit to help us walk in the path of holiness and righteousness.  Christ in us is our hope of glory.  We have become complete in Christ by being baptized into Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection.  God’s elect are seated at the right hand of God to reign over all power and authority in Christ.  We are complete!

Keys To Unlocking Christ’s treasure

“Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments..”  Ps 112:1


It is important for God’s elect established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to know the keys to unlock Christ’s treasure.  It is God’s will that all God’s elect live blessed lives and experience God’s promises and blessings.  I believe God’s elect at NCCkl want to live lives with divine health, healthy relationships and sound financial standings.  Unfortunately, many struggle on how to take hold of these promises and blessings.

In the Bible, God gives over and over again the keys to unlock the divine treasure found in Christ.  The hidden keys are found in Ps 112:1.

The psalmist alludes that God’s elect must delight themselves in the Lord to experience Christ’s treasure. 

Listed below are some keys in the passage for God’s elect to realize:

  1. Realize That God Is The Source Of All Blessings

God is the Alpha and Omega, the One Who was, is and Who is to come.  Rev 1:8   God is the source from Whom all things were created.  Gen 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created heavens and earth.”  The Hebrew translation of that verse is “In the beginning, the BLESSED One created the heavens and earth.”  God is the ‘Blesser’ and blessings originated from Him.  “Every good and perfect gifts is from Him.”  James 1:17   God has a Blessing plan for God’s elect to experience everything He promises.

  1. Realize That The Choice To Be Blessed Is Ours

“Today, I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessing and curses.  Now, I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.  That you would choose life so that you and your descendants might live.”  Deut 30:19   God wants His elect to know through this Scripture that He has called heaven and earth as witnesses and set two choices before us, blessings and cursings, life or death.  We have a choice and we have to choose.  God cannot do it for us.  Not choosing life and blessing is the same as choosing death and cursings.  How do you choose life and blessing?  We choose by making a conscious decision to place our faith  uncompromisingly in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  Once  born  again after being forgiven of all our lifetime of sins, God bestows us with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  God’s elect  must consistently walk in the Holy Spirit by faith to experience the fullness of the abundant blessings God has promised us.  Choose to delight in Him and His ways.

  1. Realize That Fearing The Lord Leads To Blessing

The fear referenced in this Scripture is not the terror and anxiety that God tells us to avoid.  God promises that God’s elect will be blessed when we revere, worship and obey Him.  God doesn’t want us quacking in fear at the thought of Him or expecting ill effects from interacting with Him.  No, God simply wants us to recognize Who He is as our loving Heavenly Father.

  1. Realize That Delighting In His Commandments Leads To Blessing

Often when we think of God’s commandment or His laws, we immediately return to the Big 10, the ones Moses brought down on tablets from Mt. Sinai.  God’s commandment aren’t limited to those.  In fact, there are hundreds of commands in the OT alone.  However, as it became glaringly clear under the Old Covenant, God’s people have always been unable to follow God’s command in their own strength.  It took Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to erase the stain of their sins.  Thankfully, Jesus showed God’s elect another way, a way beyond rote obedience and a way into relationships.  In Mt 22:37-40, Jesus summed up all the OT commandments in one word – love.  Loving God wholeheartedly and loving others is our No. 1 command.  When God’s elect endeavors to keep the commandment of love by His Spirit with a pure motive, we are delighting in God’s command.

  1. Realize That God Loves Us And Wants Us Blessed

God  loves  us  so  much  and He desires an intimate relationship with us.

1 John 4:19 reminds us that we love each other because God loved us first.  It is only out of that love, God’s love, that His blessings are possible.  In fact, God demonstrated His love for us when Christ died while we are still sinners.  Rom 5:8  God’s elect are so important to God that He sent Jesus to ensure that we have the choice to live in relationship with Him forever and be blessed.  God wants us to delight in Him so that the blessings will overtake us.  Deut 28:2  Delighting ourselves in the Lord is easy when we understand first how much the Lord truly loves us.  When we realize His eternal love for us, we can’t help but delight in Him and His Word.

What Is Hidden Will Be Revealed

“12 In the meantime, when an innumerable multitude of people had gathered together, so that they trampled one another, He began to say to His disciples first of all, “Beware of the [a]leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2 For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.”  Luke 12:1-3


It is imperative for God’s elect established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness to discern the ‘leaven’ of ungodly religion.  Luke 12 is the most fascinating portion of Scripture that gives to us an inspired summary of what Jesus said to those who practiced ungodly religion.  What was the message that drew people to Jesus?  Why did the people hang on to Jesus’ words as they did?  Did they hear breezy talks full of the ‘feel good’ factor?  Was it full of snippets on how to be happy, how to cope with growing old or how to have a satisfying married life? None at all.

This chapter of 59 verses in Luke 12 has very little ‘feel good’ religion in it.  It is principally about the Living God that contains the most stringent ethical teachings,  an appeal to the conscience of Jesus’ hearers and pointing to the day of judgment.  Jesus had been so severe and relentless in His warnings about ungodly religion.

  1. Jesus Warns Against Ungodly Religion vs 1

We live in a world full of warnings, don’t we?  There are criminals who could take advantage of us, mislead us, steal from us, abuse us and destroy us.  Jesus would be foolish if He had told His disciples never to make any judgments at all, to pretend they had not noticed people’s wickedness, to suspend their rational faculties, to refuse to discern between truth and error but simply accept what everybody say.  Yet, He made no apologies for His words when He said to His disciples, “be on your guard against the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

Do we heed this warning?  God’s elect in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness must become more discerning and less gullible, to become more mature and not like a little child.  Rather, to be on our guard!  What is this, ‘the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy?’  It is simply about the ungodly religion they lived.  They lived a servile adherence to the letter of the law, insisted others to follow them blindly,   emphasis   was  on  form   and   not   substance,   on   outward appearance and not inward spirit, sought to draw attention to themselves, they shunned the lowly and they use their power and influence to make people as narrow as they were.  The particular wickedness of the Pharisees was this, that they themselves didn’t put into practice what they preached to others.  This is the leaven of the Pharisees that Jesus doesn’t want God’s elect to develop in their walk with Him which is very subtle and deceiving.

  1. Jesus Warns That The Lives Of All Men Will Be Evaluated vs 2-3

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known.  What we have said in the dark will be heard in the daytime and what we whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.  The Pharisees were hypocrites.  They largely succeeded in disguising the state of their hearts from most people but not from the Living God.  God is omniscient, One Who knows everything.  Nothing escapes God’s notice, nothing can be hidden from Him.  God’s knowledge is perfect.  God never errs, never changes or never overlooks anything.  Eze 11:5  Though God is invisible to us, we are not so to Him.  Neither the darkness of night or the deepest dungeon can hide any sinner from the eyes of God.  This is why it is important for God’s elect at NCCkl to realize the desperate state of false teachers who display hypocrisy in these last days.

A glimpse of God’s infinite knowledge should fill God’s elect  with adoration. God knows us through and through and still He has loved us and reconciled us to Himself through the baptism and death of Jesus.  Whom we know on earth who could know every thought and action of our life and still love us perfectly?  The enemy of our souls himself, Satan, could tell God nothing that God didn’t already know.  We are known and we are loved.  God has fixed His great heart  upon us and loved us by forgiving all our sins and placed His Spirit within our hearts.  How foolish to try to cover up anything from God’s eyes.  The Bible says that at the end of history  mankind will be judged.  On that tremendous day, there will be no slipups, no bribes, no prejudices or no slanted judgments.  The sheer truth of all history will be publicly revealed.  People will be judged according to whether they were ashamed of Jesus or not,  they will be judged as whether they had done good or evil.  Compassion, kindness, fairness and others will count for good.  The leaven of unbelief, unrepentance, hypocrisy, hard heartedness, meanness, cruelty and dishonesty will be judged as evil.  Of course, we are not saved by  our good works.  We are saved by grace and through faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  However, we are judged according to whether our works were consistent with our confession of faith.

Works are the evidence of true faith in our Gospel Truth.

Three Lives

“For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”  Col 3:3


It is interesting to know that God’s elect established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection are actually living three lives.  We discern this hidden mystery in Col chap 3.  Identifying and accepting this truth will help God’s elect to know who we are and how we are supposed to live.  To see the three lives that God’s elect are living, we need to read some selected verses in Col 3.  Let us begin by looking at ‘life’ number one.

  1. Living A Hidden Life – My position in Christ

Col 3:1-4 states “If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. 2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3 For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. 4 When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.”   Note that Paul states God’s elect has a life that is hidden in Christ.  We don’t often think of the life we have in Christ as being hidden life, yet that is exactly what it is called in this text.  There are some principles here which effect the status and service of the life of God’s elect.

a. A fixed life – God’s elect cannot loose it because God has it!  Our life is not hidden in salvation but rather our salvation is hidden in God.  Our life is not a church, rituals or religion.  Our life is in Christ.  It is so deep in God that it is hidden.  It is like a treasure which no one can steal or take away.  It is a life fixed forever.  In fact, the text suggest a double-lined protection.  Our life is WITH Christ and IN God.  What thief will ever break into that secure vault?  None!

b. A focussed life – Since our life is in Him and He is in heaven, our focus has to be upward.  Our nature is to look upward because our nature was changed when Christ saved us and gave us His life.  Since Christ is in heaven, our affection should be focussed there and not on things in this life.  How important this is for us to remember.  We live in this world but we are not of this world.  Therefore, we must focus on that which is most important and that which is lasting.

c. A future life – Part of the life we have is yet to come.  Our identity is hidden in Christ.  Heaven is our home even though we have never been there.  Most people think of heaven as the place where  they lived  and longed to return to again.  God’s elect long for heaven even though we have never been there.  Why?  We long for heaven because Jesus is there and our life is hidden there.  We have a life hidden in Jesus.  The future is always bright for God’s elect.  The moment of hardship can hold no pain or sorrow that diminishes our prospect.  No collapse of economy, war or illness can do anything but cause us to look up with greater anticipation because our life is hidden in Christ.  1 Pet 1:3-5

  1. Living A Holy Life – My performance through Christ

In Col 3:3-11, Paul clearly states that we have died to the old life and that we are living a new life.  In essence, we are living a holy life in this world through God’s strength and power in us.

We are not living holy lives in order to be accepted by God but we are living holy lives because we are accepted by God in Christ. 

We are told in this passage to mortify, destroy or bury the old life in order to live properly the new life we have in Christ.

a. Sensual sins – vs 5-6 speaks about sins that affect our senses.  These should be put to death – mortified – buried.  Why?  They should be mortified and put to death because we are living a new life in Christ.

b. Speaking sins  – in vs 7-10a reveal that we must live a life which buries our sins of speech.  We should avoid sinful language of anger, slander and lying.  Our tongues are to be dedicated to God.  We should bury conversations which is not wholesome and holy.  Certainly our tongues are redeemed to honor Jesus, praise Him and to make Him known to the world.

c. Selfish sins – vs 10b-15a tells us how we are to remove selfishness, envy, status consciousness and pride.  Love and peace are to rule our hearts.  Now understand something important – the old life will try to resurface.  We are to mortify it.  We are to put to death.  We are to come again and again to Christ and make our confession of faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that has made us sinless and righteous by faith.

  1. Living Abundant Life – Our praise for Christ

Col 3 : 15b-17 requires us to be thankful.  Our life is to be filled with thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is not a season for God’s elect but rather it is a way of life.  Thanksgiving is an everyday occurrence.

a. It must be internal – God’s Word are music to our minds and our hearts.  The Word of God will make us thankful and cause us to break into song.

b. It must be external – Thanksgiving cannot remain silent neither can genuine faith.  It breaks out in spite of hindrances.  Real life is animated.  We cannot hide it.  It ought to be seen in the eyes of men.

c. It must be eternal – After all God’s praise here is just a warm-up for glory.  We will praise God forever in heaven.

Glorious Mystery

“But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory.”  1 Cor 2:7


It is imperative for God’s elect who are established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to be good stewards of the mysteries of God.  Spiritual mysteries hidden in Christ transforms our life and protects us from false teaching confronting the church today.  The Greek word translated mystery implies an idea of a hidden or secret thing, not obvious to the carnal mind.  In the OT ‘mysteries’ referred to God’s purposes which cannot be known by man apart from God’s special revelation in Scripture or by His prophets.  Dan 2:18-23, Dan 2: 27-30.  In the NT, the ‘mysteries’  conveys eternal truths that had not been revealed to mankind during OT times but are now revealed to the world through the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  Col 1:26; Eph 3:4-5; Rom 16:25-26; 1 Pet 1:10-12.

The mysteries reveal God’s Person, eternal purpose and sovereign plan. 

Faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness open better understanding and believing in the mysteries of God.  The benefits are immense namely, genuine salvation experience with God, knowledge about problems of evil and power to triumph over evil at work in our world today.  Let us explore some of it benefits :

  1. The Mysteries Of God Establishes Our Call

God’s elect are responsible to know and make known the mysteries of God.  1 Cor 2:7 ; 1 Cor 4:1   These mysteries are foolishness to the natural man because they are spiritually discerned.  1 Cor 2:14  The treasure hidden within these mysteries can only be understood with the help of God’s Holy Spirit because they are truths which man cannot comprehend by experience, reason or human philosophy.  God’s elect ought to pray for  God to give the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.  Eph 1:17-18   God’s elect are supposed to be stewards of these mysteries.  A  steward is both a faithful servant and wise overseer of a household.   Lk 12:42-43   A steward’s responsibility  is to administer the wealth of the household according to his Master’s will.  As stewards of the mysteries of God, we must faithfully dispense the spiritual riches of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness to the lost world.  We will be persecuted for faithfully preaching these mysteries.  Col 1:24-27 ; Col 4:3-4    These mysteries contain the unsearchable riches of Christ pertaining to His redemptive plan for the salvation of man.

  1. The Mysteries of God Establishes Our Faith

It is through clear understanding of these mysteries that we can be established in the faith.  Faithful preaching of the mysteries brings about the obedience  of  faith  in   the  Gospel  of  God’s  Righteousness.   Rom 16:25-26;

2 Thess 2:13-17   Preaching of the Gospel is the means by which God establishes His people in true faith and holiness.  The Gospel is a mystery of God.  Eph 6:19  This Gospel is the same one Jesus preached and which also reveals to us His divinity, humanity, ministry, righteousness, baptism, death and resurrection.  The true church of God  will be established according to the revelation of the mystery.  In context, this refers to the mystery of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness which includes within it all the other specific mysteries of God mentioned in the NT.  These mysteries cannot be known or discovered by human reason or intellect.  They are beyond the ability of mere man to fully explain such as the doctrine of Trinity.  These mysteries are the glorious result of the eternal wisdom, love and counsel of God.  They contain unfathomable riches of glory, so as to surpass the limits of human knowledge. Eph 3:19  These mysteries are things which even angels desire to look into.  1 Pet 1:12

  1. The Mysteries of God Establishes Our Church

NCCkl is built on the mysteries of God which was kept hidden  since the world began.  This does not mean that this mystery of the Gospel of God’s Righteousness was entirely unknown in the ages past.  In fact, the first prophecy of the incarnation was given to Adam after the fall.  Gen 3:15  Christ was revealed to Abraham  John 8:56,  Moses in Leviticus, David in Ps 22, Isaiah in Isa 53 and others.  However they were given only a partial revelation.  The mysteries were hidden within OT.  Prophetic typology such as the OT priesthood, tabernacle, temple, sacrifices were shadows of the things to come.  Heb 8:1-5   At NCCkl, we are able to become faithful stewards of the mysteries of God because the Holy Spirit constantly unveils the hidden secrets of God’s salvation through the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  God’s elect ought to preach the Gospel, reveal the mysteries of God’s will, teach others how to enter the Kingdom of God, open their spiritual blindness and help others to understand the mystery of iniquity and its consequences.


These mysteries of God reveal how everything is working together toward one glorious eternal purpose hidden in Christ.  The mysteries protect NCCkl from false teachings, demonic deceptions and falling into mere religious fervour.  Let us be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God.

Staying Alive

“Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. 35 For whoever finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord;,”  Prov 8:34-35


It is imperative for God’s elect who are established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to stay alive in Christ.  Staying alive will keep one strong, safe from the enemy and catapult us to victory.  The secret to our future is hidden.  Where can we find this hidden secret ?  It is found in our daily  routine.  Staying alive in Christ is determined on what we do on a daily basis.  If God’s elect is sowing to their flesh the results will never be what we want.

However, if God’s elect is sowing to the Spirit, they will become stronger and stronger in Christ.  An anointed daily routine produces glorious result. 

Listed below are some habitual things God’s elect can do to stay alive in Christ.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to feed our spirit Mt 4:4

This verse says we cannot live on just food for our body – we need food for our spirit, too.  To stay alive God’s elect must know the reality and severity of the works of the devil and understand the importance of developing a strong spirit to resist him.  We need daily to feed on God’s Word to stand on top of every trial in our victory stance.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to build our faith 1 Sam 30:6

Faith is our responsibility.  It isn’t God, it isn’t Ps Paul’s and it isn’t your neighbors.  The only one who can guarantee a strong faith is YOU.  God has given us the tools we need to develop a strong faith in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness. The kind of faith that moves mountains, skeets the mouth of lions, quenches the fiery flame, turns weakness to strength and put the whole armies to flight.  How do you build that kind of faith? Hearing the Word of God again and again.  Just as with natural muscles, repetition is a key to building strong faith.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to speak the Word Prov 18:21

The Bible says in essence, “you are what you speak”  Mark 11:23  Staying alive in Christ cause us to speak the Word and only the Word over our lives and the lives of those around us.  We know it is often a matter of life and death.  By putting God’s Word in our heart daily, speaking the Word will become our knee-jerk reaction to any situation, which means we will react with an automatic predictable response – Faith.  When trial comes our way, don’t become the proverbial bump on a log and let the devil have the final word – talk back!

  1. To stay alive, we ought to control our thought life Josh 1:8

Is our thought life healthy or toxic?  The mind, spirit and body are interconnected – our thoughts affect our words, which then affects our health, prosperity, joy, peace and every other area of life.  Thoughts are real things – they occupy real estate in our brain.  Bring all thoughts into captivity in Christ.  Our brain is designed to do that.  When we do, our brain start operating correctly.  2 Cor 10:5  To bring every thought into captivity, begin focusing on what we are thinking about.  Resist negative thoughts and replace them with the Word of God.  We can become a master of thought domination by meditating on the Word of God.  To meditate means we don’t just hear it – we focus and contemplate  on it. That is how we enlarge our capacity for faith.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to anchor our hearts through praise Ps 34:1

Do we know praise is a language?  It is a language of faith and a language of receiving.  A strong believer is fluent in praise.  That is why we are called to bless the Lord at all times.  No matter what is happening in our lives, we have countless reasons to thank Him for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will do.  Praise is an act of faith. There is a connection between praise and strength. Praise puts us in position and produces spiritual strength.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to pray in the Spirit Jude 20

A strong believer knows the importance of keeping his spiritual battery charged.  When we pray in the Spirit, we edify ourselves, which means to improve or uplift.  It strengthens our spirit and builds us up in our faith.  It takes us into the spiritual realm and opens the door to revelation knowledge, wisdom, instruction and encouragement.

  1. To stay alive, we ought to get rid of baggage Heb 12:1

Streamlining.  The ultimate goal in streamlining is optimum performance and a victorious outcome.  When God told us to strip off every weight that slows us down, “He was telling us to streamline our lives so that we can enjoy optimum victory in our pursuit in Christ.  What kind of baggage are we carrying today?  Worry, anxiety, stress or fear?  Maybe it is a habit of sin that we haven’t removed or unforgiveness that has been festering for years.  Whatever it is, make the decision to get rid of it today.  It is slowing you down.  Take off anything that is hindering you and run your race to victory.


Beloved, the Gospel of God’s Righteousness is not a lazy man’s gospel.  We cannot stay alive by being lazy, sleeping late, not reading the Bible, not attending church regularly, not tithing.  Prov 13:4 alludes “the appetite of the sluggard craves and gets nothing but the appetite of the diligent is abundantly supplied.”

Dead Walking, Living Dead

“And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins,”  Eph 2:1


When we look around, we see a world full of the living dead.  The sad part is they don’t know they are dead living.  Paul reminds God’s elect that they too were once part of the ‘dead walking.’  At the time, we ourselves did not know we were dead either!

Our Scripture today speaks to the desperate condition of the lost.  It also reminds us of what we were before being saved by the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that contains Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  Jesus referred to the  Pharisees and the Laodicean Church as those ‘walking dead’ as well.  In Eph 2, Paul is writing to the saved.  He is painting out that we were once dead in our sins.  We are not here in NCCkl because we are better than everyone else but we are here because of His unlimited mercy.  Let us look at Eph 2 and consider some important issues concerning the ‘dead walking, living dead’

1. The Grave In Our Past

We begin with death.  Sin renders a person spiritually dead.  Note three things at this point:

a. Dead – To speak of death within context means to be dead in one’s spirit.  This does not mean that the person does not know about God or respect for God.  It means that sin has separated him or her from God.  A dead person cannot do anything for himself.  Without a miracle of supernatural assistance, they will perish in sin.

b. Led – Satan is called a prince. Satan is a prince but God is the King.  Yet, this prince of darkness had led souls astray.  Satan is the prince at work in the affairs of the world.  Satan is the power at work in the hearts of the lost.  All of us were at one time led by the prince of this world into sinful rebellion against God.  The end of this disobedient way of life is death.

c. Fed – The lost are fed through the lust of their flesh.  They hunger for things outside of God and find Satan too willing to put these things within easy reach.  This has led to the spiritual ingesting of a poison called sin.  It renders death to all who partake of it.

2.The Grace On Our Present

Those of us who are saved have been delivered from death but not through any effort of our own.  In essence, our Lord sought us, bought us and brought us to new life in Himself by His marvelous grace.

a. He gave us love – God loves the sinner with an everlasting, undying and unceasing love.  A love so great that nothing can separate us from that love we have embraced.  It was God’s love that sent His Son to be baptized and die on the cross for our sins.  It is this love that keeps us saved.

The world may not care if we live or die but Jesus cares for us.  He died to save us from sin and He lives to make us free forever. 

b. He gave us life – When we allow the Gospel Word to accomplish its purpose in our hearts and repent accordingly, God by His mercy gives us His life.  The life we now have is His life and not our own.  When Christ new life begin, a person loves the things he once hated and hates the things he once loved.  Once we are saved by Jesus, we change in our attitude and interest.  We were made alive in Christ.  God doesn’t want us fixing our old house.  He wants to tear it down and rebuild it in His image.  He wants to start over.

c. He gave us a lift – In addition to being loved and given new life, we have been lifted up to sit in the heavenlies with Jesus.  What does this mean?  Those who are saved are as good as in heaven right now even though we are still here.  Every time God looks to His right and sees the Son, He also sees us.

3.The Glory In Our Position

We have been elevated to a new and marvelous position in Christ.

a. Look at our family – We are citizens of the kingdom. God’s elect are given a new life and a new family at NCCkl.  As part of this family, we are heir of all that God has.

b. Look at our foundation -  We are built upon Christ, the Chief Cornerstone.  Jesus is the foundation of NCCkl and every true believer.  We can now stand on the grace of God because we are resting on the rock solid faith found in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  We have peace, hope and habitual joy in Christ.

c. Look at our future  -  God is going to show His exceeding riches of grace towards us throughout eternity.  Think of that.  All that we have discussed so far is but a foretaste of that which God is going to give us one day in Heaven.  We have eternity to enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

Saint Alive

“For we have great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.”  Philemon 1:7


It is imperative for God’s elect who are established in the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that comprises Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection to be ‘saints alive.’   A saint is defined as a person who is set apart and made holy by the righteousness of faith.  Saints are alive when they are ‘in Christ’ and in whom Christ dwells.  When reading Paul’s letter to Philemon, I saw a theme I have not really seen before.  This letter is an instruction on how saints who are  alive are able to refresh other saints.  Philemon was a refreshing person.  When Paul thought about Philemon, he thought about the joy and comfort he had given him and others.  Philemon 1:7

Doesn’t that make God’s elect want to be like Philemon?  Don’t we want to be a joy and comfort to others?  In this dry and weary land, don’t we want to be an oasis of living water for parched saints.  John 7:38  That is what Jesus wants us to be.  Mt 10:42

The ministry of refreshment is so important to Jesus that He wants us to know the reward there is for those who give it.

In Philemon, Paul tells ‘saints alive’ five ways on how we can refresh others.

Love God  Philemon 1:5

‘Saints alive’ ought to love and trust Jesus.  “Love the Lord, all you his saints.”  Ps 31:23  God is love and therefore love is from God.  Only when we love and trust God supremely, then we have the resources to love our neighbors as ourselves.  It is our profound love and trust in the Lord that will refresh our brothers and sisters most.  Only Jesus, our living water can quench the thirst of the human soul.  ‘Saints alive’ can only give it to others when they are drinking it themselves.

Love Saints  Philemon 1:5

‘Saints alive’ ought to love other saints.  Talk is cheap.  Deeds usually aren’t.  That is why John says “let us not love in words but in deed and truth.” 1 John 3:18   Let us refresh the saints in our lives by meeting their needs with whatever resources God has given us.  Let us give them words of eternal life but also love them by laying our lives down for their joy.  By ‘the saints in our lives’ I mean those in NCCkl. ‘Saints alive’ are primarily responsible for those in the faith community where God has placed us.

Share Faith  Philemon 1:6

‘Saints alive’ ought to share their faith to others.  Our conversation with others becomes priceless when through them we share the Gospel of God’s Righteousness.  We share our faith every time we point someone to the source of our hope.  Every weary saint often need the refreshment of our shared faith.  Sharing it is like the loaves and fishes.  The more we share, the more faith there is.  So share it liberally!

Share life  Philemon 1:13

‘Saints alive’ ought to free their family members to serve the Kingdom.  Paul wrote this letter to let Philemon know that his prodigal bond servant, Onesimus, was now a brother in Christ.  As such, Philemon as a ‘saints alive’ ought to extend him the grace of Christ.  More so, Paul also made it clear that Onesimus was of great help to Paul’s ministry.  Furthermore, Philemon should not think primarily of his own household needs but the kingdom needs.  One way for us to put this principle into practice is to release members of our household for the sake of refreshing the saints even if it involves personal costs and inconvenience for us.

Share Possession  Philemon 1:22

‘Saints alive’ ought to make their home an embassy.  The fact that Paul made this request says something about Philemon, namely, he showed hospitality without grumbling.  We are ambassadors for Christ. 2 Cor 5:20  ‘Saints alive’ ought to know that our homes are not our castles but our embassies.  God has given them to us to refresh  the saints.  Let us make our homes oasis places.


‘Saints alive’ at NCCkl are entrusted with the priceless ministry of refreshment.  All around us are weary brothers and sisters who are slogging it out in a spiritual war on a battle field of a futile world.  Eph 6:12  There are times for reproof and corrections but most of the time what they need are encouragement.  Let us at NCCkl, make it our aim to refresh the saints and choose one practical way to do that today.

Church Alive

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”  Mt 16:18


It is imperative for God’s elect to recognize that the Church was designed by God to be an irresistible community.  Unfortunately, people are not always drawn to it.  What are the characteristics of a church that is alive?  Jesus Christ loved the Church, so much so, that He gave His life.  If the Church is so precious to Him then we should know the Truth pertaining to what ‘Church alive’ is all about.

In 1 Pet 2:4-17, the Scripture likens the Church to “lively stones.”  Christ likens Himself to a ‘Lively Stone’ and the believers to ‘living stones.’  Let us examine the Church that is alive and moving forward for Christ.

The Church Is Alive Because Of Its Maker  V4

The Church is not only described as a ‘Stone’ but even the  members are called ‘lively stones.’  How can a stone be alive?  The mere thought of such screams for the supernatural!  That is exactly the intent.  God is conveying through Peter that the Church is above and beyond the ordinary.  It is the super-ordinary, beginning with Christ.  Sadly, so many reject the Church and plug in to many counterfeit organizations in its place.  The Church is an organism.  It is living organism with Christ as the Maker.

The ‘Church alive’ is determined by the Savior’s righteousness, grace and mercy working in the lives of God’s elect. 

God’s elect are plugged into Christ for the purpose of experiencing His life.  God chose the same ‘Stone’ that was rejected by man to be the Chief Cornerstone.  Just as His choosing involved His own Son, it also involves us as members of the Church.

The Church Is Alive Because Of God’s Elect  V5-8

The priestly work of God’s elect in ‘Church alive’ is immense and extensive.  God’s elect who have received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are called ‘living stones.’  We are alive because Jesus lives in us.  As we live, God wants us to be offering up spiritual sacrifices that  are  acceptable  to  Him.  Rom 12:1-2 ; Heb 13:15-16    God  has chosen only His elect to serve the Gospel of God’s Righteousness that constitutes Jesus’ baptism, death and resurrection.  ‘Church alive’ is filled with songs of worship, shouts of praises and service of gladness rendered to the Savior of our soul.

The Church Is Alive Because Of Its Mission  V9-10

The ‘Church alive’ is the extension of God’s Kingdom on earth.  God’s elect are divinely chosen to participate in the priestly service of meeting the spiritual needs of people in the world.  The call to serve goes beyond our sphere of influence to the ends of the world.  The ‘Church alive’ is divinely protected, fed and nurtured by God to advance His Kingdom on earth.  As God’s elect, we are called to proclaim the praises of Him Who delivered us from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.  We were once not a  people but now a people of God saved by grace through faith in the Gospel of God’s righteousness.  The ‘Church alive’ ought to not only be alive but also act alive.  God’s elect must not be blinded by their own circumstances and be paralyzed with fear of serving.  God’s elect are transformed by the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit to serve the lost humanity.  We must have passion for souls and desire to administer the Gospel of God’s Righteousness at all times to all people.  Missions is vital to the health of the ‘Church alive.’  God’s elect must realize that before they can ever truly reach others with the gospel, they must first come to a place where the gospel directs their lives.  When this happens, we will be a ‘Church alive.’

The Church Is Alive Because Jesus Is Its Focus  V11-17

Everything that God’s elect do must be centered on Jesus.  Our preaching, our teaching, our worship, our fellowship and our service all must be about Jesus.  These are one common factor in the many churches that are dead……somewhere along the way they lost their focus.  Things become more about the people and programs of the church than the Savior of the church.  In ‘Church alive’, it must always be Christ and Him alone.  The purpose of the ‘Church alive’ is not to appease people who cannot be appeased.  The purpose of the ‘Church alive’ is to exalt the Savior.  The word ‘exalt’ means to lift up.  When God’s elect lift up the Name of Jesus, people will come to know Him as their personal Savior.  When a church is alive, there is evidence of the power, presence and performance of Jesus Christ.